About Me

I am a bundle of ambition, hopes and dreams. I am educated and career-oriented. This makes me an incredible conversationalist. I enjoy spirited discussions about current events, finance and other topics.
On most days you could find me reading books and working on my businesses.  I believe that hard work now will lay the foundation to a successful future.
I believe that energy can be exchanged between people. So, I tend to be drawn to positive and happy people. I love meeting like-minded positive people. Everyone that I meet brings a fresh perspective and unique experience that are intriguing to uncover. 
I believe that my extensive travel experiences keeps me cultured.  I love to talk about travel and share experiences and perspectives about how others live and experience the world.  The unique perspectives and differences are intriguing to me.
Personally, I am a unique combination of sweet, sensible and passionate. I am a non-judgmental free-spirit that likes to explore my world and my sexuality. I find happiness in helping others realize their fantasies by pushing the boundaries of their passions.
I enjoy being feminine and am equally comfortable in a trendy cocktail dress as an edgy vinyl catsuit.
Your time with me will be filled with soul-satisfying conversation, spirit-lifting laughter, and breath-taking passion. How we spend our time together is only limited by our imagination.
I love exploring new restaurants and cuisines. I love shopping for clothes, lingerie and accessories that make me feel pretty and desirable. I also have an insatiable thirst to travel and explore the world through vacations and exclusive engagements.
My health is also priorities for me. I eat healthy and exercise regularly, so I can always look sexy in whatever I am (or am not) wearing.

My Vital Details

My Stats:

  • Age: 20s
  • Height: 5ft 5in
  • Weight: 115lbs
  • Bust: 34D
  • Waist: 24
  • Hips: 34
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Shoe Size: 9.5
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Type: Long and Dark Brown
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: Ears
  • Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
  • Education: Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Heritage: White and Exotic
  • Passport Status: Ready to Jetset!
  • Countries visited: 7

My Interests:

  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Candle Scents: Fresh Linen
  • Favorite Fragrance (on me): Gucci Guilty
  • Favorite Men’s Fragrances: Versace Pour Homme and Hugo Boss
  • Favorite Music Genres: Pop, Alternative/Indie
  • Favorite Bands/Artists: Glass Animals, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, 
  • Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Investment/Business, Memoirs, and other inspirational books
  • Favorite Movie Genres: Chick Flicks and  Dramas mostly
  • Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Bridesmaids, Devil Wears Prada, Wolf of Wall Street, Great Gatsby and Documentaries
  • Car I hope to own one day: Audi, Porsche and Alpha Romeo
  • Where I would love to live: Monte Carlo
  • Places I love to travel to: Monaco, Bora Bora, Bermuda, Greece,  Fiji/New Zealand
  • Favorite Cuisines: French and Italian Gourmet
  • Favorite Restaurant: Momofuku Ko, L’Appart
  • Favorite Flowers: Simple Long-stemmed Roses

Random Favorite Things:

  • Dad Jokes and Memes
  • Whole Foods
  • RomComs
  • Eggnog
  • Raw Cookie Dough
  • Smoothies
  • Yoga
  • Healthy Living
  • My Dog, Bella
  • Hamsters and Rabbits
  • Scenic Hikes
  • Waterfalls
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Fluffy Blankets
  • Fluffy Socks
  • Men in Boxer Briefs
  • Men in Grey Sweat Pants
  • Confidence
  • Great smelling men
  • Dad Bods
  • Dancing in my Lingerie
  • Spa Day
  • Philosophical Conversations