Travel Ideas

Are you ready to take the plunge and spend some time with me?

I love meeting new people and reconnecting with previous friends. If you are a gentleman with discriminating tastes, then you really must spend some time with me and let me get to know you! I am sure we will be able to find ways to keep each other laughing, sharing and relaxing!

Here are some great ideas of how we can spend our time together…

  • Let me be your arm candy to your next party or occasion. I can help you look great and keep you company.
  • Traveling for business can be lonely. Let me be a part of your next business trip. I am great company whether you want a reason to get out to a great dinner spot or stay in and chill. I am the perfect cure for that business travel loneliness!
  • Is there is a show or event you have really wanted to attend, but have no one to go with? I would love to come along and share the experience with you!
  • I am the perfect companion to show you the nightlife and experience some of the hottest spots in town.
  • Have other ideas? I would love to hear about them…


Our time can be spent being chill and relaxed or more exciting and adventurous as I am friendly to many kinks and fetishes.

Travel Wishlist

I have a new passport that is ready to be stamped, and a list of places I am eager to explore. I also hate traveling alone.  It is so much more fun to share experiences when travel.  Traveling with someone that you can have fun with make the nights less lonely too!  
My travel bucket list includes so many possibilities. There are beach destinations where I can show off in a tiny bikini, there are vibrant city locations that we can get dressed up and explore the restaurants and nightlife.  I have exotic locations that we can explore natural wonders and take in the culture.  I also have spots that are romantic and secluded where we can relaxed and free to explore each other!  Maybe I can inspire you to make memories with me and take me to one of my dream destinations?
Here is a list of the places I hope to explore one day or places that I really want to go back and explore more:


I am at my most relaxed on a beach in a bikini with a fresh exotic fruit at my fingertips.  I would love to spend the day hiking to waterfalls and exploring the volcanoes and rainforests. The idea of spending the day on a black sand beach sounds like a perfect escape!

I have always wanted to explore Waimea Canyon. I have always wanted to gaze out across the canyon and explore the trails. 

Hawaiian coffee is one of my favorite styles of coffee. Nothing would delight me more than spending the morning on a private balcony sipping on Hawaiian coffee and staring at the ocean waves and feeling the morning breeze.

The big question is, do we spend the spend the evening dancing at a club or sipping tropical cocktails in private.

This destination is so high on my bucket list, that I am even willing to discount my rate by 10% (if booking more than a 24 hour engagement). 

Doesn’t this sound amazing?  Let’s do it!


An escape to Greece has always been a huge dream of mine.  The architecture, the ancient historical sites, the food, the beautiful white sand beaches and the incredible nightlife!  Who can ask for anything more?  The biggest question is which city will we make our homebase?  Maybe Crete, Athens or a secret out of the way resort?  Whichever one we choose, I am sure that we will both have the time of our lives and make some memories that neither of us will ever forget!
If the idea of having of us hopping Grecian islands half-naked is not enticing enough for you,  I am willing to sweeten it with a 10% discount on any my 24+ hour packages.  


I have heard that the US Virgin Islands have some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.  I imagine exploring the the hiking trails, horseback riding on the beaches and finding an out-of-the-way secluded beach for a private (clothing optional) day of snorkeling.  Maybe visiting Jack’s Bay Beach or Trunk Bay?  
This sounds like such a memorable escape to me that I will offer a 10% discount on any of my 24+ hour packages.  Are you the one that will help me make this memory?  


LA is quite simply one of my favorite cities to visit.  I find new adventures there every time that I visit. There is so much to explore and experience there.  I just love the big city feel and the fast-paced energy of LA!  Extended FMTY engagements are highly recommended to have enought time to properly explore this city! 


Please don’t tell anyone, but I am a bit of a museum nerd.  For me, Washington, DC is one of my favorite cities to visit. The museums like the Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, the Museum of Natural History, so many Smithsonians to choose from.  I also LOVE the great neighborhoods to explore like Georgetown, National Harbor (I love that amazing casino that is there), Old Town Alexandria, The Wharf and so many other fantastic areas!  Bring your walking shoes and let’s go spend the day expanding our minds and the nights…well exploring each other?


There is no where else in the world that you can island hop by car.  There is nothing like the experience of turning up some tunes, opening the top of a convertible and driving the seven-mile bridge between the Florida Keys.  We can make our way down to the Southern Point, to drink some Mojitos, eat some sloppy joe’s and some key lime pie.  Maybe even visiting Hemingway’s home!  Doesn’t that sound like an amazing way to spend a day?


Costa Rica and I have a deep love affair.  This is one place that I just can’t get enough of.  Every time I visit, I discover something new and yet thoroughly enjoy all it’s familiarities. I just love the fresh fruits and native coffee.  The freshness and the authenticity in the flavors make me appreciate the visit each time.  I truly enjoy the beaches and hot springs, they are my favorite places to spend the day away. I love all the activities that allow me to hang out in bikinis all day!


If you told that you were going to grant me one wish.  One wish to travel one-time to anywhere in the world.  My answer would be New Zealand.  It is by far the one place that is at the very top of my list of places to see.  If I went to New Zealand, I would go on the ultimate outdoor adventure.  I would visit the beaches, swim in the ocean, hike to waterfalls, visit the hot springs, and just take in as many sites as I could.  I would definitely want to visit wine country, and maybe even bungee jump!  There is just too many things that I want to do and experience, that I can’t possibly mention them all here.  I only wish that one day this wish really does come true (especially in the New Zealand summer/US winter). For the genie the makes this happen for me, you have no idea the ways that I would show my appreciation!

Let me start showing my appreciation by also giving you a 10% discount on any of my 24+ hour packages. Will you be the one that gives me the memory of a lifetime?