Spoil Me

Like every woman, I love being spoiled!  Unlike other women though, I am shamelessly admitting it!

Like most women, it is not just the gift itself or the cost of the gift.  It is knowing that someone thought of me and wanted to make me happy.  It gives me the feeling of being appreciated and cared for.  A thoughtful gift makes me think of you every time I see it or use it.  It brings a smile to my face thinking about you!

I have also noticed that gifts are a love language that I respond to.  It is one of the fastest ways to my heart.  I think it is because I tend to tie memories and meaning about the person and memories to the gift that I receive.

So, this page is dedicated to all the things that I love.  Just in case you wanted to spoil me and put a huge smile on my face!

In case you feel inspired to get me something, you can always bring it with you if we will be meeting soon.  You can also contact me if you need email details or mailing instructions for virtual and physical gift that need to be sent.

I also have a few lists that I keep up to date, if you would like to explore those:

Amazon Wishlist

Some Of My Favorite Things

Just like everything else, my tastes are very diverse.  I love all the usual things that most women do, but I like to think I have a few things that make me happy that are not like most women.  I hope this list of my favorite things will inspire you to get me something that I will truly appreciate!

Gift Cards

I often find that gift cards are the perfect gift.  There are brands that I truly love and purchase products from often.  They tend to change and release new products often, so it is hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly the right item to tell you.  So, gift cards from these brands are the most thoughtful thing, so I can get what I want when I see the perfect thing!  Here are a few of those great brands that I love:

  • Lululemon – As a fitness fanatic, this is a must-have for fitness and comfort. When I am not in a cute dress, you will likely find me in my Lululemon leggings!
  • Amazon – A gift card from Amazon is quite possibly one of the most useful gift cards I could ever receive!  They have SO many things that I want and need!
  • PetSmart – I love my pets!  Spoiling them is also spoiling me!
  • Saks Fifth Avenue – One of my favorite stores.  They always seem to have things that I want!
  • Whole Foods – Treat me to some of my favorite healthy foods.
  • Bombas – My favorite socks that are often featured in my Twitter posts.


Lingerie is something that I always appreciate.  Great lingerie makes me feel sexy even if no one else gets to see!


Every woman loves to be spoiled with jewelry.  I am no exception!  Jewelry is the perfect accessory to make any woman feel well dressed

  • Tiffany and Co – Nothing makes my heart skip a beat and fill with anticipation and excitement like seeing the famous baby blue Tiffany’s box or bag!
  • Cartier – Cartier jewelry makes me feel like royalty. What woman does not want to feel like a princess?
  • Harry Winston – I always appreciate a diamond from the King of Diamonds
  • Chopard – A timeless piece from a designer that captures the essence of Art-Deco style is always admired
  • Van Cleef & Arpels – I always appreciate the way this designer forges organic life in the form of jewelry
  • Graff – I have always love the way this designer has an eye for the perfect setting
  • David Yurman – This designer’s unique way of making something precious seem playful and colorful matches my personality
  • Buccelatti – Jewelry from this designer makes me feel like a movie star
  • BVLGARI – Jewelry from this designer really captures the eye, that perfectly pairs with my formal wear
  • Boucheron – This artist makes jewelry that feels otherworldly and makes me feel proud to wear something so unique

Health & Wellness

My health and wellness is very important to me.  This helps me look and feel sexy! 

  • Personal Training – I keep my body in shape with the help of my personal trainer.  I am always grateful for gifts that pay for my personal training sessions.
  • Massage and Spa – Spa treatments and massage sessions help my relax and relieve stress.  This keeps me in great spirits!
  • Education – I believe that education is the cornerstone to a bright future.  I am regularly taking classes at the university and online.  I also attend seminars and conferences that help my level up my professional skills.  Any contributions to my education will help me into the future!


This list is not all about me! I am believe that the more you give, the more you get back!  Whether donating on my behalf or not, please consider helping these organizations that are doing great work!

  • SWOP Behind Bars – This organization helps sex workers that have been incarcerated or are fighting for their freedom across the country.
  • Planned Parenthood – Support access to female health and empower women to make responsible reproductive decisions.
  • New York Humane Society – As much as humans need help, animals have no voice and also need our help and care. Help the Humane Society in your area!